Comsec Integrated Services Limited is registered in Nigeria as a business entity. Comsec stand for Communication and Security.

Since inception, we are been involved in extra low voltage engineering with emphasis on design and installation of security and safety solutions.

What We Do

We carry out vulnerability assessment on facility, then design a security and safety system that meets the need.

At Comsec , we don't just install, we design solutions. Using networking approach to security, we can integrate different types of security system to enhance effectiveness.

Critical Factors In Security solution Design

Vulnerability assessment based on Location,

Vulnerability assessment based on Threat level

Vulnerability assessment based on Crime history

Our Vision

To become a figure to recon with in the electronic security industry in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Our Mission

We shall provide innovative security solutions at an affordable price.

Value Proposition



M-Manpower Development

S-Service Delivery




COMSEC-One stop security solution provider.

Perimeter Security

Thinking of Perimeter security. Think Comsec Electric Fence
* Solar Powered for 24 Hrs Security

* Operate and Monitor remotely with GSM Phone. Click here for more details


GSM Mobile Switch

* Do you know that you can do the following with your GSM phone

* Switching on/off any appliance in your home/office including generator.

* Operate your automatic /motorised gate.

* Operate an alarm system, burglar or fire.

* Monitor your power supply/alarm status.

* Know when Generator is on/off.

* Know when PHCN power fails or is restored Do all these and more with your handset.

For detail click GSM Mobile Switch.

Specialize Training

* We provide specialised training on security and safety application.
Click here for more details


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