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Comsec Video Surveillance Solutions

At Comsec, we are not just an installer of CCTV, but we offer various types of Video Surveillance solutions. Ranging from Analogue CCTV with Digital Video Recorder , Mobile Car CCTV System , IP Surveillance System , Intelligent Video Analytic Solution and Wireless Video Transmission .


Analogue CCTV Cameras Digital Video Recorder

At Comsec, we design and install CCTV system with analogue CCTV camera and Digital Video Recorder. We use various types of CCTV cameras for different applications and there are various types of Digital Video Recorder based on the Video Compression Technology


Types of Camera

•  Indoor cameras

•  Outdoor cameras

•  Infrared Cameras

•  PTZ cameras

•  Speed dome cameras


Types of Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

•  MPEG 4 Video Compression Standalone DVR . Available in 4 to 16 Channels

•  H.264 Video Compression Standalone DVR . Available in 4 to 16 Channels

•  PC based DVR available both in hardware and software compression format . Available in 4 to 32 Channels




Cabling Technology

•  RG 59 75 Ohms Coaxial Cabling: We use the best available coaxial cable with various types of BNC connectors and low resistance power cable.


•  UTP Cabling: Unshielded twisted Pair cable is fast becoming a standard cabling technology in CCTV world. Using the best available CAT5E cable, active and passive transceiver, we can deliver crystal clear CCTV system.


Power Supply and Protection


•  Regulated Power Supply

We have various types of power supply for CCTV application. Our power supply are regulated therefore protect your camera against power fluctuation. The power supply are fused protected centrally and against each camera.


•  Switch mode power supply with 12VDC output

•  5-8 Amp continuous current

•  For up to 9 CCTV cameras

•  9 Individually fused outputs with LED indication

Surge Protector

•  Video Surge Protector

•  Performs a different function than grounding requirements.

•  Protects equipment from high voltage surges from nearby lightning strikes.

•  Two stage protection: under 1ns-90V, over 10ns-12V.

•  Wide range of applications: CCTV/CATV system, Antenna of Television, FM receivers, video camera, monitors, multiplexers & Quad processor, VCR...etc.


Mobile Car CCTV System


•  4-ch H.264 Embedded DVR for all kind of vehicles.

•  Real time live display

•  Smart search function

•  Remote access by mobile phone and PDA

•  Car speed measurement and alarm

•  Collision Detection ?It contains a device called G sensor?to measure the increase or decrease of the speed.

•  Support GPS and Google Map ?It allows you to know the location of the car on the map.

•  Delay on/off ?It protects the DVR from the surge of the car when it's turning and off.

•  CMS server which supports unlimited DVR ?It provides you with an economical solution to build a monitoring center.

•  Detachable Host ?Easy to take the storage system with you.



IP Video Surveillance Solution









Intelligence Video Analytics Solution

Video Analytics is a technology that is used to analyze video for specific data, behaviour, objects or attitude. It has a wide range of applications including safety and security. The software algorithms run on processors inside a computer or on an embedded computer platform in video cameras, recording devices, or specialized video processing units. Video analytics algorithms together are integrated with video and called Intelligent Video Software systems that run on standard off-the-shelf computers or embedded into small chips called digital signal processors (DSPs) that run in IP cameras or encoders. The technology can evaluate the contents of video to determine specified information about the content of that video.

Examples of video analytics applications include: counting the number of pedestrians entering a door or geographic region, determining the location, speed and direction of travel, identifying suspicious movement of people or assets.

Commercial applications of this technology are increasingly widespread in the General Security, Government, Retail, Transport and Financial Services Sectors.

Video Analytics should not be confused with traditional Video Motion Detection (VMD), a technology that has been in the market for over 20 years. VMD uses simple rules and assumes that any pixel change in the scene is important. One limitation of VMD is that there are an inordinate amount of false alarms - as such, most system users only use VMD to reduce storage space.

Edge Video Analytics are a type of video intelligence that processes at a hardware level or in a hybrid manner using partly hardware & partly software. Edge analytics can be more stable in operation, more reliable & highly scalable


Intelligence Video Analytics Solution

•  Retail Business Intelligence Solution

•  Intelligent Audience Measurement Solution

•  Intelligent Loss Prevention Solution

•  Gas Station Intelligent Surveillance Solution

•  Intelligent Banking Solutions

•  Virtual Fencing and Intruder Detection

•  Intelligent Traffic Monitoring Solutions


• Intelligent Patient Monitoring Solutions


Wireless Video Transmission

Where the use of cable is impossible to the distance or other factor, we deploy wireless video transmission method.


Wireless Video Transmitter and Receiver


These are high power 1.2GHz AV TXs for long distance transmission. Available in 3W, 5W, 10W and 20W models.  Use micro wave transmission for superior and stable performance. Work with all NTSC or PAL wired cameras. Using high gain directional antennas, line of sight transmission up to:


7 miles (11 km) - 3W model
12 miles (19 km) - 5W model
40 miles (64 km) - 10W model
50 miles (80 km) - 20W model


Perimeter Security

Thinking of Perimeter security. Think Comsec Electric Fence
* Solar Powered for 24 Hrs Security

* Operate and Monitor remotely with GSM Phone.
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