Home Automation

Automated Gate Control
Whether sliding or swing, light weight or heavy weight, you can remotely control your gate to open or close. As far as 100m away from your house, your gate can be opened or close.

  1. Infrared barrier detection. The gate remain does not close as long as the vehicle or a person is standing in between the two post of the gate.
  2. Remote control works as far as 100m away.
  3. Can be operated with your GSM phone. Open your gate from anywhere in the country with your handset









Intercom has made communication within premise easy, hence enhancing security.
At Comsec, we installed structured cabling for voice application. Also, we install wireless Intercom as well.

Perimeter Security

Thinking of Perimeter security. Think Comsec Electric Fence
* Solar Powered for 24 Hrs Security

* Operate and Monitor remotely with GSM Phone.
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