Home & Office Automation and Access Control

Automated Gate Control

Whether sliding or swing, light weight or heavy weight, you can remotely control your gate to open or close. As far as 100m away from your house, your gate can be opened or close.


•  Infrared barrier detection. The gate remain does not close as long as the vehicle or a person is standing in between the two post of the gate.

•  Remote control works as far as 100m away.

•  Can be operated with your GSM phone. Open your gate from anywhere in the country with your handset




Intercom has made communication within premise easy, hence enhancing security.

At Comsec, we installed structured cabling for voice application. Also, we install wireless Intercom as well.


TEAC -Telephone Entry and Access Control System-GSM Intercom


•  No range limits using mobile phone networks.

•  Rings up to 3 numbers in sequence when a visitor presses the call button.

•  Speak with your visitor from anywhere in the world, then grant access from your telephone keypad.

•  Our GSM intercom has an access control feature built in. It allows up to 1000 authorised user telephone numbers to be stored for automatic access at no call cost.

•  Open the gate to your visitor with your Handset


Personnel and Vehicular Access Control System

Electronic Access Control is fast becoming a global accepted mean of controlling and monitoring access to offices and homes.

At Comsec, we install various types of access control system.


1. Keypad (Code) Access Control

2. Proximity Access Control

3. Biometric-Fingerprint Access Control

4. Biometric -Facial Access Control

The Biometric Facial Access is s 3 in 1 Access Control System has three major functions: Access Control, Time & Attendance, and Surveillance.

Contact-less Access Control: The system utilizes the latest face detection and recognition technologies to authenticate users; Users can use this system without touching any sensor or carrying a personal ID card.

Time & Attendance: The system uses very simple method to store time & attendance records. Most of the human resources applications can read and access these data easily.

Surveillance: A traditional surveillance system records everything on tape or hard disk. Our system detects and stores only the facial images; it is the most efficient way to store and search surveillance data.


Vehicular Access Control

Electronic access control is not just for to personnel/pedestrian control, but for vehicular control. Vehicular access control is also called automatic barrier gate.

Access can be through


1. Keypad (Code)

2. Wireless Remote Control

3. Proximity Access

4. Biometric-Fingerprint


Perimeter Security

Thinking of Perimeter security. Think Comsec Electric Fence
* Solar Powered for 24 Hrs Security

* Operate and Monitor remotely with GSM Phone.
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