Training and Manpower Development

We provide specialised training on security and safety application.

We are also into installer training scheme.

Some of our programmes are

•  Electric Fence Installer and Marketers Scheme

•  CCTV and Intelligent Video Surveillance Training

•  Security Systems User's Competence Training


To register for any course send mail to training@comsecintegrated.com

Provide the following information


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Work Experience Summary


Mobile Telephone Number

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Electric Fence Installers' and Marketers' Scheme

 Electric Fence Installers' and Marketers' Scheme (EFIMS)


Course Outline


1. Overview of Perimeter Protection Systems

•  Understanding The Importance of Perimeter Protection

•  Difference Types of Perimeter Protection System


2. Fundamental of Electric Fence

•  Why Electric Fence?

•  How It Works

•  Electronic Principle of Electric Fence

•  Types of Electric Fence


3. Components of Electric Fence

•  Support Components

•  Wiring Components

•  Termination, Control and Alarm Components


4. Electric Fence Installation

•  Basic Site Planning

•  Electric Fence Hardware Installation

•  Termination of Electric Fence Wiring

•  Installation of Energiser and Alarm Kit

•  Solar System Installation For Electric Fence Application

•  GSM Switch Installation For Electric Fence/Alarm Application

•  Support and Maintenance


5. Costing and Invoicing

•  Preparation of Bill of Quantity

•  Invoicing and Quotation


6. Marketing of Electric Fence

•  The Target Market

•  Unique Selling Points

•  Competition Analysis

•  Marketing Tips

•  Why Is Electric Fence Preferable?

•  Common Marketing Stumbling Blocks and How To Overcome Them


Detail for other training coming soon

Perimeter Security

Thinking of Perimeter security. Think Comsec Electric Fence
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* Operate and Monitor remotely with GSM Phone.
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