Wi -CEM -Wireless Central Emergency Monitoring System

Wireless Central Emergency Monitoring System is a mini central alarm monitoring system, with 1Km portable transmitter to be installed in each location and a multiple receiver to be installed at the security control room. When the alarm transmitter is pressed; an audible alarm will be triggered at the security control room as well as displayed the code of the apartment where the alarm is coming from.



  1. Portable alarm transmitter with 1,000m radius capacity.
  2. Displays the alarm source code.
  3. Integrated relay output for audible alarm activation and connection to armed response team or police station
  4. Can monitors up to 1,000 apartments, rooms or call points
  5. Can be connected to a serial printer which will make a hard copy of the number identifying the transmitter and the time at which transmission occurred.
  6. The internal memory is capable of storing up to 7 different sequential transmissions. These 7 stored transmissions are stored and displayed as first received first displayed.
  7. The unit has a built in real-time clock.


  1. Mini Estate panic alarms monitoring systems
  2. Hotel rooms alarm monitoring system
  3. Hospital wards emergency call system
  4. Resort/recreation central emergency call system
  5. Factory Complex central emergency call system
  6. Office Complex central emergency call system


Perimeter Security

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